2015 Race Information

Race Director
Evan Kolbe

WAMC Office Tel: 9472 4833 Fax: 9472 4855

Email wamc@wamc.org.au

Marathon Start Time
7.30am - 14th June 2015
Relay Start Time
8.00am - 14th June 2015

$8000 Prize Money

2015 will be the 37th anniversary of the Perth Marathon that has been conducted annually by the West Australian Marathon Club since its inception in 1979.

The event includes the WA State Marathon Championship, Masters Athletics WA Marathon Championships and incorporates a relay marathon over the same course consisting of four legs. The largest number of marathon finishers was 742 in 2014. For futher information, please refer to the main WA Marathon Club website, Here.

The inaugural Perth Kids Marathon was incorporated into the Perth Marathon in 2008 and will continue to be part of the Perth Marathon in 2015.

Perth Marathon - Spartans

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations, the WAMC instituted a "SPARTAN" status to the Perth Marathon. All runners who have completed ten or more Perth Marathons are now "Spartans" and are awarded a permanent race number, printed on a distinctive cloth bib.

The bibs are coloured coded according to the number of Perth Marathons completed (10 marathons blue, 15 marathons green, 20 marathons red, 25 marathons gold, 30 marathons white with a blue laurel surrounding the number).

No Surname Given Names Year Sex Total as at 2014 Perth Mar PB
1 ROBINSON Barrie 1988 M 15 2.48.04
2 BRAID Robert George 1988 M 25 2.54.46
3 ROSS Bill 1988 M 10 2.57.00
4 BERNADT Ian 1988 M 36 3.22.48
5 LIMB Christopher 1988 M 21 3.13.12
6 HAYRES Robert 1988 M 11 3.16.20
7 ARCHER Michael 1989 M 18 2.45.58
8 BRYANT Viv 1989 M 21 2.45.22
9 MACDONALD Peter John 1989 M 10 2.51.25
10 HANLON William 1989 M 12 3.15.09
11 LYSAGHT Paul 1990 M 10 2.41.05
12 JONES Steven 1990 M 15 3.01.48
13 PELLIER John Royston 1990 M 32 2.59.13
14 SPARK Richard 1990 M 11 2.56.43
15 JONES Brian William 1990 M 10 2.57.14
16 SPARE Charles William 1991 M 12 2.57.50
17 SLATTERY John Laurence 1991 M 10 3.17.23
18 CROXFORD Alan Frederick 1991 M 11 2.54.29
19 MANFORD Terry 1992 M 14 2.56.45
20 GILLARD Christopher 1992 M 13 2.51.00
21 WARREN Morris 1992 M 11 3.01.55
22 JOHANSEN Peter 1993 M 10 2.51.39
23 PANSING Ian Robert 1993 M 11 2.59.56
23 ASPEN Janice 2003 F 2 4.40.21
24 TONTI Mark Joseph 1993 M 15 3.19.18
25 DAY Alan Thomas 1993 M 27 3.27.41
26 WOOD Anthony 1993 M 10 3.10.01
27 ROBINSON Jacqi 1994 F 18 3.04.24
28 BEEVORS Grahame 1995 M 10 2.58.35
29 MILLER Dennis 1995 M 15 3.14.57
30 ORMSBY (nee COLLINS) Joanne Margaret 1995 F 10 3.04.54
31 ASPINALL Philip 1995 M 10 3.09.52
32 KENNEDY Sara 1995 F 13 3.33.02
33 ELLIS Jim 1995 M 10 3.00.42
34 OLDLAND David 1995 M 10 3.04.51
35 LIUBICICH Stephen 1996 M 16 2.46.31
36 AESCHLIMANN Robert 1996 M 11 2.51.35
37 BELL John David 1996 M 13 2.56.24
38 LIMMER Mark 1996 M 25 3.11.53
39 ROSEN Mark 1996 M 10 3.19.52
40 BARNES Jim 1996 M 20 2.48.00
41 NAYLOR Laurie 1997 M 16 2.49.48
42 FROST Robert 1997 M 15 2.58.54
43 HURWITZ Brian 1997 M 24 3.24.51
44 GWILLIAM James 1997 M 11 3.20.52
45 DUNN Stephen 1998 M 23 2.52.41
46 ROBINSON Wayne 1998 M 11 2.48.21
47 SCHICKERT Bob 1998 M 10 2.57.33
48 CORMICAN Desmond 1998 M 10 3.13.03
49 BRUNT Gareth 1999 M 13 3.00.08
50 GIMI Raymond 1999 M 13 3.03.10
51 THORNTON Graham James 1999 M 13 2.51.31
52 DYMOND Frank 1999 M 10 3.20.35
53 TIETZ Peter 1999 M 12 3.15.16
54 MILLER Keith 2000 M 19 3.34.29
55 WALKLEY Cecil 2000 M 12 3.30.08
56 ROBERTSON Raymond 2000 M 11 3.50.57
57 SULLIVAN Peter 2001 M 20 2.55.35
58 PYM John 2001 M 21 3.29.07
59 HANNA Basil 2001 M 10 2.43.00
60 DOUCAS Gregory 2001 M 10 3.21.06
61 WIRTH Silvio 2001 M 14 3.47.44
62 MALLIN Naomi 2001 F 10 3.34.47
63 HARRIS Gary Alan 2001 M 22 3.47.22
64 JONES Kathleen 2001 F 18 4.18.18
65 UKALOVICH Tomislav 2002 M 11 2.51.42
66 NEVIN Lawrence John 2002 M 11 3.17.05
67 MILLER Peter William 2002 M 16 3.43.05
68 SELFE Philip 2003 M 20 3.13.03
69 CARLTON Gary 2003 M 15 3.19.51
70 TAYLOR William 2003 M 16 3.28.00
71 HARRIS Richard 2003 M 10 3.36.07
72 WEBB Phillip 2004 M 13 2.59.43
73 FORDEN Margery 2004 F 14 3.26.03
74 PETTERSSON John 2004 M 10 3.24.50
75 HUBBLE Jim 2004 M 16 3.11.32
76 DANBY Brian 2005 M 11 2.56.10
77 MAHER Christopher 2006 M 10 2.37.04
78 DAVIES John 2006 M 11 3.08.31
79 McMASTER Catherine 2006 F 10 3.18.20
80 BROUN Chris 2006 M 17 3.21.14
81 PAGE David 2006 M 13 3.21.19
82 PATTINSON Don 2007 M 12 3.39.07
83 FRANCIS Mick 2008 M 11 2.41.03
84 MAIER Graham 2008 M 15 3.06.21
85 FOWLER Robert 2009 M 14 3.08.47
86 LOUIS Ron 2009 M 12 3.25.21
87 BEDFORD Paul 2010 M 10 3.14.58
89 ROBINSON Richard 2010 M 12 3.42.34
90 HAINS Phillip 2010 M 13 3.45.16
91 FRANCIS Colin 2011 M 11 2.47.53
92 HARA Michael 2011 M 10 4.01.26
93 WARE Peter 2011 M 10 2.57.31
94 MacBETH Robert 2011 M 10 3.22.44
95 DOUGALL Robert 2011 M 10 3.16.28
96 STAHL Tony 2012 M 11 2.43.00
97 JOHNSON Kevin 2012 M 11 3.29.33
98 MURIO Michihito 2013 M 10 2.42.57
99 PANTELIS John 2013 M 10 3.24.30
100 KELLY Michael 2013 M 10 3.12.37
101 CUNNINGHAM Terry 2013 M 10 3.36.08
102 MILLIGAN Neil 2013 M 10 3.26.22
103 HANNAN Murray 2013 M 10 3.41.21
104 PHILLIPS Jonathon 2013 M 10 3.55.02
105 MILETIC Nick 2013 M 10 3.51.14
106 TOLSON Cyril 2013 M 10 4.06.05
107 KOWALSKI Chris 2013 M 10 3.15.36
108 MATTHEWS Kevin 2014 M 10 2.41.54
109 BERG Craig 2014 M 10 2.49.00
110 BAKER Phil 2014 M 10 3.07.45
111 VESNAVER Bernard 2014 M 10 3.15.43
112 FLAHIVE Martyn 2014 M 10 3.24.50


Race Bibs will NOT be mailed out and will need to be collected from the WAMC Office. Marathon entrants who enter before 12th June will receive a free t-shirt. Bibs will only be available for pick-up on Friday 13th June, Saturday 14th June and before the race on Sunday 15th June. The best time to collect your bib and free T-Shirt and also the only time to drop off your race drinks (if you require drop-off on the course) is on Saturday afternoon at the WAMC Clubrooms between 10am and 6pm. Here is a map showing the WAMC ClubRooms

Entry Fee
  • How To Enter
    Note that no entries will be accepted on the day of the race.

    Enter online. All Race bibs will only be available for pickup from the WAMC Club Rooms from Friday 13th June 2014. The Club Rooms will be open from 9.30am to 4pm on Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday the 14th June. HBF members who enter online will receive a 15% discount on their entry fee. Online entries cease at 5.00pm Friday 13th June 2014.

    Entry Form
    Available soon.
  • The organisers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry at any time. The entrant must sign the waiver. Entrants must turn 18 years of age by 31st December, 2014 for the full marathon. The entry fee is non-refundable.

  • Entrants will not be permitted to take pets on the course. Skateboards, roller skates, running prams and similar devices are strictly forbidden due to the risk of injury to competitors. We do not have exclusive use of the shared paths, please be courteous to other users. Due to limited space on the paths, cyclists are discouraged from accompanying competitors.

  • Runners competing in the relay will not be recognised in the full Marathon results. Relay runners that start with the Marathon will result in that team being automatically disqualified in the Relay.

  • All registered participants in the event will be recorded by an electronic timing system on crossing the finish line. A disposable timing chip is attached to the back of the race bib. Do not remove or peel the plastic timing device from the race bib. Attach the race bib to the front of the body only, by pinning the bib in the holes at the four corners. Please make sure that the race bib is kept flat and not folded or crumpled. The race bib is allocated to the person nominated on the entry form and is non-transferable to another person. The race bib must remain in its issued form.

    Loss of the race bib, or if the bib is left at home on the day, will result in a $5.00 surcharge for the issue of another race bib.

  • WAMC events are generally conducted under IAAF rules and due to some recent incidents, two rules in particular need to be highlighted. First, participants must only take drinks from the nominated drink station locations. Second, participants must not be paced (or accompanied) by non-participants either on foot or on bicycles. Breaches of any of these rules may lead to disqualification.

Support CanTeen

Support WA Marathon’s official charity, CanTeen, at the 2014 Perth Marathon by collecting sponsorship donations from your friends and family!

ALL sponsorship money raised will go directly to CanTeen, the Australian organisation for young people living with cancer. CanTeen's mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. CanTeen provides an Australia-wide peer support network for 12-24 year-olds including:

young people who have been diagnosed with cancer
Siblings & Offspring
young people who have an immediate family member (brother, sister, parent or primary carer) who has been diagnosed with cancer
Bereaved Siblings & Offspring
young people who had an immediate family member who died from cancer

A diagnosis of cancer at any time is traumatic, but even more so for a young person - already facing issues of identity, independence, relationships and career. Cancer is not a death sentence, but it can mean the start of a long process of painful treatment and years of uncertainty. CanTeen provides its Members with a place where they can simply be young people, away from the daily pressures of living with cancer in the hospital or at home.

CanTeen runs over 200 programs and services each year across Australia. Every year more young people join CanTeen and the need for its unique services increases.

How do I support CanTeen?

Fundraise Online

Become a hero, an everyday hero, by setting up an online fundraising page. This is free, effective and no receipts are required. Setting up your own page takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is visit: www.everydayhero.com.au/event/canteen and then click on 'Start Fundraising'.

Perth Relay Marathon

Online entries are now available.

Cost Per Person per Leg: $20 (Non-Members) and $15.00 (Members). Minimum cost would be $60 with 4 members running and maximum $80 with 4 non-members. Cost is per leg even if the same person runs two or even three legs.

Live the excitement of the marathon by participating in the Perth Relay Marathon. Participate with your friends, workmates or family. The relay comprises of four legs on the same course as the marathon course - refer to the course tab for information about the changeover points.

Leg 1 – 6km (Burswood to Narrows Bridge)
Leg 2 – 15km (Narrows Bridge - to turn on Mounts Bay Road - Burswood)
Leg 3 – 6km (Burswood to Narrows Bridge)
Leg 4 – 15km (Narrows Bridge - to turn on Mounts Bay Road - Burswood)

Relay Changeover Points are at the Narrows (map) and at the WAMC Clubrooms (map)

A Relay runner may run more than one leg but the maximum number of runners per team is four.

AWARDS: Each finishing team will receive a certificate and medallions will be awarded to the first three teams across the line, first female team, first mixed team and first Corporate team (must be employees of same firm or organisation).


All registered participants in the event will be recorded by an electronic timing system on crossing the finish line. A disposable timing chip is attached to the back of the race bib. Do not remove or peel the plastic timing device from the race bib. Attach the race bib to the front of the body only, by pinning the bib in the holes at the four corners. Please make sure that the race bib is kept flat and not folded or crumpled. The race bib is allocated to the person nominated on the entry form and is non-transferable to another person. The race bib must remain in its issued form.



The footpath beside the freeway from the Narrows to the Causeway will be unavailable until late June 2014. As a result, the Perth Marathon course has changed.

For this year, the Marathon will follow a course that starts at the WAMC Clubrooms in Burswood and runs West beside the River through Victoria Park and South Perth to the Narrows Bridge. The course is then under the Narrows and then over the Narrows towards Perth using the western spans of the bridge. On the Perth side, the course will again go under the Narrows bridge following the footpath through the tunnels towards Perth. On exiting the last tunnel, the course will turn west again onto the footpath beside the river towards the University of WA and follow this path for 3km until the turn around near the Swimmer's Statue. The course will turn here and return to the clubrooms to complete the first half of the run. The course is then repeated.

Here is a map of the course. The course is IAAF Certified

Relay points on this course will be at the 6km point outbound and then at the club making legs of 6km, 15km, 6km and 15km

Drink Stations

The following table provides details of drinks stations on the Perth Marathon Course.

Only electrolyte drink and water will be provided on the course of the Marathon - there will be no energy supplements supplied so if you are used to them you will need to provide your own. Because Shotz tabs are refreshing and not tacky and sweet you are able to drink more, be less dehydrated and better equipped to combat the negative effects dehydration has on your performance. Please keep in mind Shotz Electrolyte Tablet has no carbohydrate, and therefore no energy. It is designed purely for hydration. Four Water Stations will provide Shotz tabs - these are flagged in the table.

Runners requiring their own special drinks to be placed at specific drink stations MUST deliver the bottles (clearly marked with your bib number and the drink station that the drink is required at) to the start / finish area at Burswood Water Sports Centre between 10.00am and 6.00pm on SATURDAY 14th June, 2014.

1 Coode Street Car Park, South Perth (SHOTZ) 3.5km, 17.5km, 24.5km, 38.5km
2 Narrows Bridge (under bridge), Mill Pnt Rd, Sth Perth (SHOTZ) 6km, 15km, 27km, 36km
3 Old Swan Brewery (SHOTZ) 9km, 12km, 30km, 33km
4 Club Rooms Turnaround and Finish (SHOTZ) 21.1km, 42.2km

Perth Marathon - Champions

Male Champions

Gender Year Name State Time
Male 1979 John HAMBLETON WA/NZL 2.22.25
Male 1980 Peter TAYLOR WA 2.27.05
Male 1981 Stephen LOWRY WA 2.36.37
Male 1982 Peter TAYLOR WA 2.29.10
Male *1983 Tony HEPPENER WA 2.29.36
Male 1984 Alan THURLOW WA 2.23.28
Male 1985 Derek FROUDE (record) NZL 2.16.49
Male 1985 Alan THURLOW (WA record) WA 2.19.53
Male 1986 Futoshi SHINOHARA JAP 2.18.17
Male 1987 Ray HARRIS WA 2.27.58
Male 1988 Clive HICKS WA 2.24.51
Male 1989 Ray HARRIS WA 2.27.24
Male 1990 Peter HAYNES ACT 2.20.10
Male 1991 Bob de la MOTTE WA 2.24.17
Male 1992 Ray HARRIS WA 2.26.48
Male 1993 Ray HARRIS WA 2.27.14
Male 1994 Ray HARRIS WA 2.29.23
Male 1995 Georgios MALLIARIS GRC 2.27.21
Male 1996 Ray BROWN (Fastest time - relay) WA 2.34.36
Male 1996 Ross PARKER (Line Honours) WA 2.41.28
Male 1997 Ray BROWN WA 2.33.57
Male 1998 Richard SHIPWAY GBR 2.32.12
Male 1999 Mark PAGE WA 2.32.49
Male 2000 Todd INGRAHAM WA 2.30.57
Male 2001 Mark PAGE WA 2.32.33
Male 2002 Mark PAGE WA 2.37.11
Male 2003 Sandy BURT WA 2.42.21
Male 2004 William WITHERS WA 2.35.59
Male 2005 Myles FERRELL WA 2.37.08
Male 2006 Todd INGRAHAM WA 2.26.13
Male 2007 David RUGGLES CAN 2.37.59
Male 2008 Shane SCOTT WA 2.37.46
Male 2009 Stephen COURTNEY WA 2.37.05
Male 2010 Roberto BUSI WA 2.32.34
Male 2011 Todd INGRAHAM WA 2.28.51
Male 2012 Roberto BUSI WA 2.32.37
Male 2013 Roberto BUSI WA 2.24.33
Male 2014 Roberto BUSI WA 2.25.38

* 1983 Perth Marathon was 500m short (marshal misdirection)

Female Champions

Gender Year Name State Time
Female 1979 Susie ANDERSON WA 3.19.02
Female 1980 Julie MULLINS (nee Rowden) WA 3.25.34
Female 1981 Julie MULLINS WA 3.09.03
Female 1982 Pip BRINKER NZL 2.52.44
Female *1983 Rae MARTIN WA 2.58.48
Female 1984 Tina WILD NZL 2.48.28
Female 1985 Denise VERHAERT (record) BEL 2.42.13
Female 1986 Bernie PORTENSKI NZL 2.53.54
Female 1987 Joanne COLLINS WA 3.13.16
Female 1988 Joanne COLLINS WA 3.06.38
Female 1989 Loretta GARRETT WA 3.00.03
Female 1990 Karen GOBBY (WA record) WA 2.43.57
Female 1991 Mary BURKE WA 2.55.52
Female 1992 Theresa MARTIN WA 2.58.11
Female 1993 Loretta GARRETT WA 2.55.42
Female 1994 Janet KELLY WA 3.07.16
Female 1995 Sally VAUGHAN WA 3.08.29
Female 1996 Karen GOBBY WA 2.54.32
Female 1997 Antoinette SHAW WA 3.01.19
Female 1998 Antoinette SHAW WA 2.57.06
Female 1999 Antoinette SHAW WA 3.00.51
Female 2000 Antoinette SHAW WA 3.07.58
Female 2001 Angela MILNE WA 3.09.08
Female 2002 Lauren SHELLEY WA 2.57.30
Female 2003 Rosemary JOHNSON WA 3.07.40
Female 2004 Kate LAURSEN WA 3.07.40
Female 2005 Lauren JONES WA 2.50.25
Female 2006 Tina MAJOR WA 2.57.10
Female 2007 Tina MAJOR WA 2.52.02
Female 2008 Elizabeth BENNETT ACT 3.03.22
Female 2009 Nera JAREB WA 2.58.06
Female 2010 Nera JAREB WA 2.57.04
Female 2011 Nera JAREB WA 2.54.03
Female 2012 Tina MAJOR WA 2.54.13
Female 2013 Tina MAJOR WA 2.52.13
Female 2014 Rochelle RODGERS WA 2.54.55

* 1983 Perth Marathon was 500m short (marshal misdirection)

Perth Marathon - Age Group Best Times

NOTE: The MU18 & FU18 age groups (male & female under 18 years of age) are included for record purposes. Currently, only entrants 18 years of age or over are accepted for the marathon. Youngest competitor has been Michelle HARRY who at 10 years old ran 3.30.28 in 1983, the oldest Cecil Walkley at 80 years old ran 6.06.05 in 2009.

Age Cat Name State Time Year
MU18 Michael DAVIES WA 2.54.37 1981
Mu18 Harvey ASKEW (*short) WA 2.51.45 *1983
M18 Eric WATSON WA 2.36.49 2013
M20 Futoshi SHINOHARA JPN 2.18.17 1986
M20 John HAMBLETON WA/NZL 2.22.25 1979
M25 Derek FROUDE NZL 2.16.49 1985
M25 John HAMBLETON WA 2.23.20 1985
M30 Victor MUDHEWE ZWE 2.17.24 1985
M30 Alan THURLOW WA 2.19.53 1985
M35 Jose REVYN BEL 2.16.56 1985
M35 Clive HICKS WA 2.22.55 1990
M40 Harry CLAGUE GBR 2.27.25 1986
M40 Frank SMITH WA 2.31.57 1984
M40 Hendrik STOFFERS (*short) WA 2.31.11 *1983
M45 Hendrik STOFFERS WA 2.33.49 1986
M50 Steve BARRIE WA 2.40.45 1990
M55 Vernon CREWE WA 2.59.10 2009
M60 John GILMOUR WA 2.43.06 1980
M60 John GILMOUR (*short) WA 2.42.50 *1983
M65 John GILMOUR WA 2.57.59 1986
M70 John GILMOUR WA 3.05.34 1990
M75 Irwin BARRETT-LENNARD WA 4.08.20 2005
M80 Cecil WALKLEY WA 6.06.05 2009
FU18 Jacqi ROBINSON WA 3.17.23 1982
FU18 Jacqi ROBINSON (*short) WA 3.04.24 *1983
F18 Suzanne NARBEY WA 3.18.48 1984
F20 Lauren JONES WA 2.50.25 2005
F25 Denise VERHAERT BEL 2.42.13 1985
F25 Nera JAREB WA 2.54.03 2011
F30 Leslie WATSON GBR 2.46.53 1985
F30 Tina MAJOR WA 2.52.02 2007
F35 Karen GOBBY WA 2.43.57 1990
F40 Dot BROWNE VIC 2.50.24 1985
F40 Karen GOBBY WA 2.54.32 1996
F45 Elizabeth BENNETT ACT 3.03.22 2008
F50 Antoinette SHAW WA 2.57.06 1998
F55 Kathryn JACOBS WA 3.30.55 2006
F60 Gillian YOUNG WA 3.50.22 2008
F65 Margery FORDEN WA 4.18.50 2007

* 1983 Perth Marathon was 500m short (marshal misdirection)


The West Australian Marathon Club joined the national Kids Marathon Series in 2008. It has been a great success and we are looking forward to the Perth Kids Marathon continuing to grow bigger and bigger each year. It has a unique format that allows kids kindergarten through high school to run a marathon... one kilometre at a time. It will be held in conjunction with the annual Perth Marathon on Sunday 14th June, 2015.

All children are invited to commence a training program in April/May/June and start logging their kilometres. The aim is to run the first 40km of the marathon distance over a number of weeks in the child’s own time, then on marathon day, complete the final 2.195km on the actual marathon course.

This is a great opportunity for children of school age to start an exercise program that will continue over a number of weeks and culminate in the completion of a “marathon”.

Bob Braid: Race Director


Entry Fee: $10

All participants will receive a FREE t-shirt.


Encourage your school to implement a Kids Marathon program as part of your athletics or PE programs. Schools can run training sessions before or after school, during lunch break or as part of the weekly PE lesson. Schools can be innovative about the way they implement the program and integrate it with a range of health and lifestyle options. Contact the race director for a Schools Kit to assist on how schools can become involved.

What is a Marathon?

In ancient Greece, Phidippedes ran from the plains of Marathon to Athens to report about the Persian War. That is where the marathon got its name. Thousands of years later, people still run, but now they do it for fun. About half a million people run marathons every year! People who run marathons train a lot. Your body must be in good shape to run a marathon. A marathon is 42.195km. The Perth Kids Marathon will get you on your way to being physically fit.

Kids Marathon Image

How to run your marathon

  • Find a safe place to exercise
  • Walk or run 40km in the 8-10 weeks leading up to 14th June. Use the training schedule for help planning your runs.
  • Come to the Perth Marathon on Sunday 14th June 2015 to run the final 2.195km of your marathon.


Additional Information

All school age children are encouraged to participate. The maximum age is 18. All finishers will receive a medal and a finisher’s certificate. All participants must complete their race on race day to receive their medal. Make up distances and/or alternate race dates will not be recognised.

Important Information about Marathon day

Start/finish at Burswood Water Sports Centre located at 1 Camfield Drive, Burswood.
9.15am Sunday 14 June 2015.
Final 2.195km of your marathon.
Out and back over the last kilometre of the marathon course.
All school age children are encourated to participate. The maximum age is 18.
One entry per entrant, to be completed and signed by the parent. $10 entry fee. Entries close on Friday,16th May 2014. Entry fees are non refundable and entries are not transferable. After we receive your completed entry form, we will forward you a confirmation of your entry.
Race Pack Collection
Race Packs will be Available for collection at Burswood Water Sports centre from 1pm-6pm on Saturday 13 June and on race morning from 7am. Your race pack will include a bib number which must be worn on race day and your free participants’ t-shirt - we encourage all children to wear their Kids Marathon shirt on race day.
All finishers will receive a medal and a finisher’s certificate. All participants must complete their race on race day to receive their medal.
Post Race
After the completion of the marathon, participants will be served breakfast at the finish line while they await the arrival of the first finishers in the Perth Marathon.
Event Manager
Race Director: Bob Braid
Mobile: 0419 004 935

Perth Marathon Awards

Any marathon entrant who is a current resident of WA (for six months) is eligible to win this title.

  • First Male and Female: $2000 cash
  • Second Male and Female: $1000 cash
  • Third Male and Female: $500 cash
  • First WAMC Male and Female member (if not one of the above) $500 cash
  • All finishers will receive a finisher's medallion, certificate & photo (where possible).
  • First male and female 18 years of age to 24 years, then in 5year age groups from 25 years onwards.
TEAM CATEGORY (For Relay Marathon only)
  • A - Open Team
  • B - Female Team
  • C - Mixed Team (at least one of each gender)
  • D - Corporate Team (must be employees of same firm or organization)
  • To be eligible for draw prizes YOU MUST be present at the Awards Ceremony held in the Burswood Water Sports Centre and not have another person holding your race bib on your behalf.

The Perth Marathon awards ceremony will be held at Burswood Water Sports Centre, 1 Camfield Dve Burswood at 1.00pm on Sunday 15th June, 2014 (same day as the event). No entry cost. Fresh bananas will be available compliments of Sweeter Banana - Carnavon at the finish.

Accommodation Offer

Crown Burswood Hotels have made the following offers for Marathon Runners with arrival on Saturday 14 Jun 2014 (check in from 3pm onwards) and Departure on Monday 16th of June 2014 (checkout prior to 11am).

This offer is open until 30th May 2014

Hotel Rooms Nightly Rate per room
Crown Metropol 10 $250
Crown Promenade 10 $200

***Crown Promenade is 100% non-smoking hotel***

All rates quoted are based on single, twin or double occupancy and include GST. Surcharges apply for a third person 19 years and over occupying the same room.


Reservations to be made individually by guests who should contact the Hotel Reservations Department on:

Telephone: +61 8 9362 8888 (choose option '3' after selecting the Hotel) or

Fax: + 61 8 9362 8866 or

Email: reservations@crownperth.com.au

Quote: MAR140614MP for the Metropol Hotel or MAR140614PP for the Promenade Hotel

Payment Method

Guest to pay own account (please note, credit card details will be required when making reservations). At check-in, guests will be required to provide an imprint ot their credit card.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Please note, a charge equal to one night's accommodation will apply to any rooms cancelled 48 hours prior to the arrival date of any non-arrival of booked rooms.

For further information about Crown Perth, including hotels, entertainment, restaurants and bars, day spa, hairdressing, recreation facilities and parking facilities please visit www.crownperth.com.au

Photos and Results

Photos are available from the links below. You can use these links to register for notification when your photos are ready.

Kids Marathon Photos

Marathon and Relay Photos

Results are available at the following links.

Marathon Results

Relay Results