What we do

Whatever your reason for running, you’re welcome at WAMC

We all run for different reasons, whether it’s to lose weight, keep fit or, in some cases, to enter and maybe even win races. But whatever the motivation for lacing up the trainers and hitting the road, there’s a compelling reason why being a member of a club can help make running even better.

Deciding to join a club is one of the best things that any runner, whatever their level, can do. Club membership is often the beginning of big improvements in performance and, perhaps more importantly, provides enduring memories, experiences and companionship.

Everyone thrives on a little healthy competition. When you’re running with others who are encouraging you to run faster and harder, it’s easier to take it to the next level.

What the club does.

The WAMC was founded in 1970 to bring together Western Australians who love to run. We now have over 1,000 members aged from four to over eighty. Some are serious, competitive runners. Others take a more casual approach and just love the chance to run with others, the social side of things and the training. Once you’ve set your pace, you’ll quickly find compatible running partners in the Club.

Whatever your level, you’re welcome at the WAMC.

Every year, we organise a calendar of events for our members. Some are major fundraising races, others just for exercise and fun. We organise marathons and half marathons too. You can see our list of upcoming events here or you can join the Club here.

WAMC events

Most events on the WAMC calendar are scheduled early on Sunday morning. Club members prefer to run early in the morning so the rest of the day is free to enjoy. During summer, it’s essential to hold events early in the morning and Marathons are generally scheduled for the cooler months.

All the marshals and race officials are club members, so the events are kept low cost and friendly. As finishers cross the line, their time and place is recorded.

Club Runs

Medals are generally awarded to the first three male and female runners.

Major Events

Medals and prizes are awarded based on the category breakdown for each individual event (see specific event details).

Members can check their results here.

Our people

The WAMC is run by volunteers who are passionate about their sport. Here’s our current committee:

President Raymond Lampard
Financial Controller Paul Genovese
IT Coordinator Paul Genovese
Public Relations Coordinator Wendy O’Halloran
Equipment Officer John Pettersson
Social Coordinator Steve Harling
Race Programme
Special Events Coordinator
Newsletter Editor Kim Vivian
Sponsorship & Marketing Sandra McKechnie


Our charities

Sometimes we run for fun. But throughout the year we also have special events that raise funds for our selected charities which are;

Breast Cancer Care WA
Beyond Blue
Cancer Council
Chidlow & Mt Helena Bush Fire Brigade
Diabetes WA
Lions Save Sight Foundation
Royal Flying Doctor Service

Our story

Up and running since 1970.

The West Australian Marathon Club was founded on 13 July 1970 and its first race was the Darlington Half Marathon, a handicap event.

Since then, we’ve grown to become WA’s major running organisation with over 1,000 members aged from four to over eighty. Despite our name, not all of our members actually run marathons. We simply love running.

So, the West Australian Marathon Club actually holds running events at all distances from 3 to 64.4 kilometres.

The Club has survived because it’s adapted to meet the needs of its members. We hold races on the track, the road and cross country. The Club programme has evolved over time and there are now many more shorter events (sometimes supporting a main race), relays and twilight runs. Many of these races have been members’ initiatives. The Club is always willing to adapt and adopt to survive.

How we run.

The Club is run by a volunteer committee which meets monthly. But the real strength of the Club lies in its membership; and everyone helps out in at least two events each year. Our race directors are also club members and no-one is paid for their efforts except the office staff. We also receive considerable help from our sponsors for which we are very grateful.

We’re a very social club, training groups meet up for other social activities, some sporting and some less so! There are also social runs on the club programme, these are the runs marked with a (B) on the Programme.

Although the Club is essentially a sporting body, it also raises funds at several charity runs during the year.

The WAMC was formed by runners to conduct events which are well organised and fun to be involved with. And this still holds true today.

Non Members

Each club run that is held is open to Non Members also. Entry fees are available on the Event Register page.