Training and advice

When you train with the WAMC you will get plenty of tips and advice from experienced runners. Committing to regular training sessions also helps with motivation and boosts your fitness level and aerobic capacity, enabling you to run stronger, faster and longer.

At WAMC, we offer training sessions for all ability levels, so anyone is welcome to come along.

WAMC training sessions

Monday evenings

Point Walter – 8km time trials, 6pm.
Pt Walter Kiosk. Dick Blom 9337 7796.
Cost: Free

Tuesday evenings

Perry Lakes – Interval Session, 5.30pm.
Alderbury St Reserve, Perry Lakes.
Cost: $4 per person per session – payable to the coach, Jon Kappler, at the session.
The WAMC covers the costs of the venue, we encourage regular users of the session to become WAMC members.

Wednesday evenings / Social runners session

WAMC Clubrooms – 6km+ (anything up to 20km if you desire), 5:30pm.
Burswood Water Sports Centre, 1 Camfield Drive, Burswood.
Cost: Free
People run in informal groups, depending on their preferred pace and distance – if you’re a newcomer, ask around. The 5.30 start time is fairly flexible, but until you get the hang of things, it would be a good idea to be punctual. Also, the bar opens after the run, and there’s a lot of socialising.


5 to 15km with the Northern Suburbs Running Group. 
For details contact Chris Kowalski 9300 2540 or Alison Ratcliffe 0478 841 890

Contact the WAMC office on 9472 4833 or with any enquiries.

Training tips

Running is a relatively inexpensive sport but good shoes are a must. Your feet can absorb up to five times your body weight when running so the right shoes are essential. Always seek professional advice when choosing shoes; and remember that most shoes last about 800km before their shock absorbers wear out.

Keep clothes light and layered. Those high cut shorts aren’t a mere fashion statement, they’re designed to stop chafing! For night runs, it’s advisable to wear something reflective or invest in a flashing light since it’s important to be seen by passing cars.

Keep a running journal. It can be as simple as a few notes of the distance and time you ran each day, or more detailed with lengthier entries about your route, the way you feel, and the stuff you thought about on the run. By keeping a record you can track your progress and avoid past pitfalls.

For more tips, information and resources, see some of the great sites in our LINKS SECTION.