Work hard, train harder!

West Australian Marathon Club provides several organised training sessions throughout the week in various locations, come to one or all! We offer training sessions for all ability levels, everyone is welcome. Booking isn’t necessary, just show up and find the coach who will introduce you to the rest of the group, it couldn’t be easier!

What to expect at a WAMC training session

A bunch of friendly faces who all have one common goal – to improve their running. We have some experienced runners in the ranks who will share tips and advice, plus lots of motivating chat!

WAMC training sessions

Monday 8km Time Trial 
Where: Point Walter Kiosk, Off Honour Ave, Bicton
When: 6pm
Cost: Free
Contact: Dick Blom 9337 7796

Tuesday: Interval session

Where: Alderbury St Reserve, Perry Lakes
Time: 5.30pm for self directed warmup, with interval session commencing at 5:45pm.
Cost: *$4 per person per session – payable to the coach
Coach: Jon Kappler
* WAMC covers the costs of the venue, we encourage regular users of the session to become WAMC members.

Wednesday: Social running session
Where: WAMC Clubrooms, Burswood Water Sports Centre, 1 Camfield Drive, Burswood
Time: 5.30PM
Cost: Free
Details: Members run in informal groups, depending on their preferred pace and distance. If you’re a newcomer, ask a member when you arrive and you’ll be pointed to the right group for you. The bar opens after the run for post-training drinks.

Contact the WAMC office on 9472 4833 or with any enquiries.

Training tips

We all know that disciplined training can lead to huge improvements in your running performance. Here’s our top 5 tips on how to get the most out of your training sessions:

  1. Look after your feet!

Your feet can absorb up to five times your body weight when running, so finding a pair of shoes that are right for you is essential. Ideally, visit a professional who can access your gait to determine what kind of shoe will provide the best support. We’ve all had that favourite pair we’re reluctant to throw out – the ones with the worn-down tread and holes in the ankle support…the lifespan of most shoes is about 800km before their absorbers wear out, get to the shops and treat yourself!

  1. Get some running clobber

Keep clothes light and layered. Those high-cut shorts are not a fashion statement, they’re designed to stop chafing! For night runs, it’s advisable to wear something reflective or invest in a flashing light so that you’re visible to traffic.

  1. Listen to your body

Rest and recovery time is critical in avoiding injury, know your limits and train sensibly. If you’re exhausted or feel a ‘niggle’, give your body some recovery time. You don’t have to sit on the couch all day, go for a swim or a gentle walk – or do nothing and enjoy it! It may help to seek advice from a running coach who can design a training plan to suit your ability, so that you can build your running fitness slowly over time. Also, think about your nutrition – a healthy diet will help fuel your body to cope with the stresses of running.

  1. Document your training

There are plenty of sports watches and apps designed to record your training (Strava and Garmin Connect being popular choices). But you don’t need flash technology to train, a running journal will do the job. It can be as simple as a few notes on the distance and time you run each day. By keeping a record, you can track your progress and reach those goals. Seeing improvements in your pace and distance will help motivate you to reach your running goals.

  1. Join a running club!

This could be the best running advice you’ll ever hear – join a running group, like WAMC! Join a group of like-minded people with the same running goals – improve your running, make new friends and smash some goals!

Community Training Groups

There are numerous groups all over Perth that provide a local hub for runners. Below is a list of other running groups within the area.

If you are part of a regular running group (social or competitive) and you’d like to be added to this page, please send an email to


Break Your Limits

Where: 213 Railway Road, Subiaco                                                                       .
When: 6am Tuesday
Web: Click HERE
A group of like-minded people training with each other for the common purpose of achieving their individual goals.


Perth Urban Runners

Where: Varying                                                                                                     .
When: 6pm Tuesday, 6pm Thursday
Web: Click HERE
Perth Urban Runners is a free, social running club open to all levels. They meet centrally a couple times a week with a common goal of running more and staying motivated with a friendly bunch of runners.


Running Buddies – Perth

Where: Various                                                                                              .     .
When: Various
Web: Click HERE
A free, semi-structured running group, located centrally. The club organises regular events including distance runs, trail runs, circuit sessions, hills and stairs, sprint intervals and socials. Exercise is so much easier when with friends!



Carine Darkrun

Where: Corner of Okely street and Beach Road, Carine                                  .
When: Tuesday, 6pm
Web: Click HERE
Carine Darkrun is a friendly, welcoming group who meet for hill reps every Tuesday. They are open to all levels and abilities.


Northern Suburbs Running Group

Where: varies, see website                                                                        .
When: Mon – Thurs 5:30pm, Sat 7am, Sun varies
Web: Click HERE
A free, friendly running group that meets in Joondalup and surrounding areas. The group promotes running and walking with the emphasis on fun and fitness. Runners of all ages, abilities and ambitions are welcome.



Lakes Runningworks

Where: Outside Bikeforce Success, 676 Beeliar drive Success.                   .
When: 6:30pm Wednesday
Web: Click HERE
These guys run trails around the local lake systems and some footpaths/roads. They also run in Thompson’s lake to spot kangaroos when they have an international visitor.


Running Sole Mates

Where: Deep Water Point in Applecross / Varying                                           .
When: Varying
Web: Click HERE
Training sessions run most days of the week, every week. They have various sessions which change depending on club needs and pending events, such as the newbies Half Marathon Training plan for the Busso Half. Most runs are held from Deep Water Point in Applecross, though they do hold some in South Perth, Shelley, Bibra Lake and occasionally other locations, but all South of the River.


Trail Thursday’s

Where: Manning Park – Manning Stairs carpark on Azelia Rd Spearwood.
When: 6:15pm Thursday
Web: Click HERE
Free trail running session open to everyone. Fast, medium and easy groups, we cater for all abilities. The aim of this group is to share our knowledge of the Manning Park trails with those who may not know the area too well or feel safer running in a group situation rather than alone or just simply enjoy the company of running with others



Kalgoorlie Runners

Where: Various                                                                                       .
When: Various
Web: Click HERE
Kalgoorlie Runners is a hub to bring together all kinds of runners. Meet up with someone (or many people) that run at your pace, your distance at a time of day that works for you. They have established set runs but you can post at any time to find a running buddy (or five) if those runs don’t suit you.