Club Championships

Each year the WA Marathon Club awards the most outstanding female and male performance over seven events from the nominated Club Championship events on the annual Programme, in each of the age groups.

The WAMC likes to recognise our outstanding performers and volunteers each year, so we have annual awards that are presented at the Summer Sundowner each year.

For the age groups 60 years and over, the eligibility shall be reduced to five events from the nominated Club Championship events.

Where a member changes age groups during the period, the events contested at the older age group may be included in the eight events for the lower age group award.  However, events contested at the lower age group cannot be included in the eight events for the older age group award.  A member may become eligible for two age group awards during the one award period (i.e. has the best performance in eight events in both age groups – this requires a minimum of 16 events).

Under 16 Awards will be made to members under 16 years of age, based on the most outstanding female and male performance over three events having a maximum distance of 5km (any WAMC events, not necessarily those nominated as Club Championship events due to the distance limitation).  If a member attains the age of 16 during the year, races in which the member competes from the birthday on may be counted for the purpose of the 16 to 19 age group as above.

A Club Championship rating system based on running pace is used to determine the age group and overall champions each year. The races that will be used to calculate the 2019 champions are as follows:

No.           Race Km           No.           Race.            Km             
1 Matilda Bay Run 10 15 Lake Gwelup Run 10
2 Burswood Twilight 5 16 Perth Half Marathon 21.1
3 Point Walter Run 16 17 Lake Joondalup Run 10
4 Darlington Half Marathon 21.1 18 Spring To It Run 10
5 Peninsula Run 10 19 Cyril Norman City Beach Cup…. 7
6 Bridges Fun Run 10 20 Perth Running Festival 42.2
7 Joondalup Half Marathon 21.1 21 Wally Cairns Pancake Run 15
8 Perth 32 32 22 John Gilmour Track Race 10
9 Shelly Loop 10 23 Deepwater Point Run 15
10 Roller Coaster Run 10 24 Fremantle Running Festival 21.1
11 Rottnest Running Festival 42.2 25 Fremantle Running Festival 10
12 Rottnest Running Festival 21.1 26 Founders City Beach Run 8
13 Rottnest Running Festival…. 10 27 New Years Eve Run 8
14 Womens Classic Run* 10

*Only females are eligible for Club Championship ranking from this event