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Reduced entry fee for races and seminars

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15% off at Running Warehouse Australia

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Discounted Tuesday night training sessions

Free Wednesday night social run

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Why join WAMC?

Running is one of the best sports to improve your fitness. You can run just about anywhere with minimal equipment. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the motivation to get going. Running by yourself can soon become boring. So here are our top reasons for joining a club like WAMC.

  • Motivation

    Running with people who have the same health goals as you will give you the motivation to keep running and enjoy it. Many runners find long runs go by a lot quicker and easier when they socialise as they run.

  • Training and advice

    When you train with a club, you’ll get plenty of tips and advice from fellow Club Members. WAMC has regular training sessions.

  • Increased performance and fitness

    Running regularly will help boost your fitness level and aerobic capacity, enabling you to run stronger, faster and longer. When you run with others, you’re encouraged to run a little harder and a little longer. Your performance improves and gradually you’ll be able to take your running to the next level.

  • Socialise

    When you join a running club, you instantly make new friends. Networking opens doors of opportunity, both personally and professionally. Your club friends will help motivate you when training gets tough or your long run seems never ending. We’re a very social group at the WAMC!

  • Safety

    Running in a group is much safer than running alone. If you become injured or sick on a run, there are people on hand to help. A big group of runners is much more visible to traffic.

Volunteering commitment

The WAMC is a running club organised by runners for runners. So all members (unless you live more than 100 km from Perth) will need to nominate two events to volunteer at.

We understand life gets busy and it is difficult to commit, so we encourage you to fulfil at least one of your preferences.

If you are able to help at more than one event, please consider including at least one Special Event, as more helpers are required at these events. WAMC will contact you 2-4 weeks prior to the event to confirm your availability.

Visit our volunteering page for more information.

How do I join?

Head over to our online application form, fill in your details and pay the membership fee and you’ll be up and running with us in no time.

What you'll recieve

A Welcome Pack which includes:

  • Cloth Membership Bib
  • Welcome letter
  • WAMC Timing Chip

An Online Account to:

  • Manage your details
  • Enter all our races
  • Keep track of your race history

Become a member

2021 Membership Fees

Youth (under 18)$25
Senior (over 65)$25
Family (up to 2 adults & 4 children)$115