Volunteer at an Event

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on volunteers at our events. Every event requires volunteers to make sure everyone has a safe, enjoyable run.

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Bib Collection

Approx. four hours on the Saturday prior to the Special Event to hand out bibs.


Prepare and serve food and drinks at our catered events.

Course Set Up

Set up the course under the direction of the Race Director.

Drink Stations

Set up and man a drink station with a min. of 4 members.

Volunteering FAQ

You can choose the events you would like to volunteer at by clicking on the VOLUNTEER button situated throughout the website.
The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you 2 to 4 weeks before the race to advise you of your duties for the day of the event. The VOLUNTEER REGISTER shows you the races you’ve been assigned to.
Remember to have fun! Please bring along a big smile and lots of enthusiasm. It’s about getting involved and supporting the club.
The Race Director is the main go-to person for the event and are responsible for everything to do with organising and running a successful race. The best way to gain the knowledge and experience to become a race director is to assist one of the existing race directors. The race director will contact you about a month prior to the race to see if you are available to help. If you’d like to take on the challenge of becoming a race director or assistant race director please click on the VOLUNTEER button and we’ll be in touch.

What you can expect

At WAMC we want to change the way people think of volunteering, and aim to make it fun and easy. Every volunteer will receive a volunteer pack outlining their role, time required and other important information (including lollies) to help make the experience a rewarding one. We have also introduced an 8min/km pace for runners to achieve at Club Events, so you can guarantee you won’t be out on course all day!

There are a range of volunteer roles on offer, including course setup, timing, registrations, marshalling, drink stations, lead cyclist, plus many other roles. Some roles even allow you to run at the event, such as set up / pack up, tail runner and registration. Refer to the list above to see the different roles available and what’s required.

Remember, volunteering can be fun – it’s a great way to meet other Club members, be part of a friendly community and understand what goes on behind the scenes of a WAMC event!

Interested in volunteering?

Head over to our volunteer opportunities page to find an event and express interest.