Life Members

WA Marathon Club Life Members as defined by the Club constitution:

A Club member may be nominated for Life Membership by any other Club Member.

The written nomination shall be in the hands of the Executive Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

He/she shall have been a member of the Club for not less than ten consecutive years and have given exceptionally meritorious service to the Club.

The Committee shall have recommended the appointment by a resolution passed by a majority of at least three-fourths of its members.

A resolution agreeing to the appointment shall have been passed by a majority of at least three-fourths of those personally present at an Annual General Meeting.  Notice shall have been given of the intention to propose such a appointment.

Life Members shall be entitled to exemption from membership fees and shall be allocated a permanent membership number by the Club.

Date Appointed Name WAMC #
18th November 1980 Kevin Barry (Deceased) 1
             “ Geoff Wall 2
             “ John Gilmour (Deceased)  3
16th November 1981 Col Junner (Deceased) 4
             “ Kevin Basley 5
             “ Wally McCabe (Deceased) 6
14th November 1983 Jim Langford 7
             “ John McGuire(Deceased) 8
19th November 1984 Jeff Joyce 9
             “ Phil Wall 12
14th November 1988 Bob Braid 35
             “ Keith Stewart 59
20th November 1989 Max Van Weert 118
19th November 1990 Graeme Lambert 624
           “ Mark Faithfull 40
21st November 1994 Steve Barrie 645
23rd November 1998 Joanne Ormsby 949
           “ Jackie Baxendine 553
19th November 2001 John Pettersson 3843
21st November 2005 Phil Webb 3852
19th November 2007 Robert Frost 2735
24th November 2008 Gary Carlton 4853
  Evan Kolbe 3849
  Des Mallon 4062
21st February 2011 Jan Braid 672
22nd February 2011 Kate Frost (Deceased) 2732
23rd February 2011 Madge Pettersson 5153
24th February 2011 Jim Barnes 160
2013 Jim Shaw 6499
2013 Chris Maher 1289
2018 David Henderson 7035